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  In yesterday’s workplace, you put in your time, did what you were told, and learned not to ask questions. Today’s workplace is a different world. You are expected to ask questions and provide input, to respectfully challenge old concepts and offer new ideas. It is a culture of collaboration, with leadership expected at all […]

Four Ways to Create a Results-Based Workforce

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  If you had to define the core of business, it would be the art of getting things done in service to others, and making a profit in doing so. It is pretty simple, really – serve others and make a profit so you can continue to serve others. “Others” in this case includes leaders, […]

Four-Part Harmony in Business


  “This ________ is draining me! I can’t wait for my vacation!” “I don’t like dealing with _____.” “I find it annoying when my teammate ________.” “When I _________, time just flies! I worked right through lunch without realizing it.” “My favorite part of my work is _________.” “When my team and I ________, we […]

Three Important Signs for Leaders


  Sales are integral to business. The reality is, if you have no sales, you have no business. No accountant in the world can spin the numbers to make them work if no one is buying what you are selling. If you talk to just about any business owner or leader of a company, they […]

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