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“I feel like I’m not being heard,” said the employee. “I offer suggestions, and it’s as if no one hears me. But then, if someone else offers the same exact suggestion, it is heard and implemented right away.” “Why doesn’t my manager hear ME?” This tends to be a two-sided issue, summarized in one word: […]

Flip the Communication Coin

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  In previous articles, we talked about the heart of business (service) and the head of business (wisdom). In this article, we talk about the hands of business (diligence). It is important to have a heart of service and a mind of wisdom in business, but the hands that carry out that service and bring […]

Hands of Diligence are the Hands of Business


My friend, Pierce Marrs, is an expert sales coach. Just about everyone who comes to him says they are not a salesperson – and are just not good at selling their product or service. He smiles and nods in an understanding way. As an ardent observer of people, he is apt to notice the person […]

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