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Leaders have a vision for the future of their organization. It is what draws the organization forward and gives it purpose. And, true to the principle, where there is no vision, the organization will perish. A vision is vital to organizational health. But having a vision is not enough. The organization must also develop a […]

Setting Seasonal Goals

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  Mark Cole, CEO of Maxwell Leadership, issued a profound statement in a recent podcast. He said, “The people you’re leading have capacity. They also have limitations.” Great leadership comes in knowing how to help your people reach their full potential, and it also requires dealing with limitations. The capacity and limitations are not only […]

Leadership Lessons on Capacity and Limitations


  In a recent podcast, John Maxwell issued a profound statement. He said, “We overestimate the event and underestimate the process.” It is the difference between focusing on goals versus focusing on growth. In the podcast, he walks through his journey from accidental growth through team growth and the lessons learned at each level. As […]

Growth and Goals


  My mentor, John C. Maxwell, celebrated his 74th birthday recently with a look back on lessons learned and blessings received. One thing he said stands out and bears repeating. It is this: “You’ve probably heard me say that, as I get older, I’m certain about fewer things—but the things of which I am certain, […]

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