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  Communications were, at best, unclear. Often, they were non-existent. Consequently, balls were being dropped across the board. The term “ASAP” was part of every email, with otherwise dedicated team members being frustrated by not being able to manage expectations because they didn’t even know what the expectations were. The team was under constant pressure […]

Full-strength Teams

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In science, there is an interesting dynamic. It is the law of expansion and contraction, the process that happens when matter is affected by outside forces. For example, when you heat water to a certain point, it expands and turns to steam. When you cool it down, it turns to liquid – or even ice. […]

The 2-Part GOALS Formula


“Something doesn’t feel right. This work is draining my energy like a worn-out battery. The charge just won’t hold, and nothing I do gets me excited about my work anymore.” “This job annoys me!” “That person annoys me!” “I think I need to find another line of work.” “I hate my job.” “I have that […]

Four Key Business Relationships

Leadership In Action

For a recent client project, we are doing extensive strengths assessment around the topic of sales. “I am not a sales person!” you may be thinking. Think again. The fact is, we ALL sell on a daily basis. We sell products or services, and we sell ideas. If you communicate with anyone during the day, […]

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