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His songs have provided the soundtrack of our lives, weaving through the decades, and defining the seasons. My husband and I have relished his music, admired his amazing talent, and attended several concerts. And, besides, he is a fellow Long Islander. What’s not to love? In case you haven’t guessed, he is Billy Joel, the […]

Delivering Value with a WOW Factor

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It is the irony of life that, at the start of it, you are expected to know the purpose of it. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question often asked to those of elementary age. But, in reality, there are people who only discover their strengths in their 40’s, […]

The Lifecycle of Strengths


You likely have heard of, or have participated in, one of those teamwork exercises, where each table of participants is handed the same exact set of instructions and resources for building a structure. Inevitably, this exercise yields 8 or 10 variations of “buildings,” all from the exact same set of instructions! Why does this happen? […]

The Communication Filter


There is wisdom in the adage of “counting to ten when you’re angry.” In our Maxwell DISC reports, there are three charts. There is your perceived self, your public self, and yourself under stress. While you are inherently who you are, these charts indicate how you may be adapting to your environment and circumstances. While, […]

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