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Today’s headlines are indicative of the rapidly changing world in which we live. Someone posted a meme along the lines of, “Could we have just one day without a world-changing event?” That sums it up well. People at all levels are affected by the overwhelm and the sense that things are out of their normal […]

The Leadership CONTROL Formula

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In a recent interview, Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, was talking about how different professions tend to have different viewpoints and methods for how they work and communicate. A general will give quick, concise orders for action in the heat of battle. A business leader will take in information from multiple channels, evaluate costs […]

Strengths Mapping


The business was growing and on the edge of exponential growth. It was what the leader had hoped for, envisioned, and worked so hard to attain, and it was finally within reach. Then, at the pinnacle of a major rollout, she fell and broke her ankle. While she would later laugh about it as her […]

Upper Limits and Limiting Beliefs


It’s no secret. We live in a world of chaos, disorder, and distraction. It is affecting life and business in ways we may not be accustomed to experiencing. Even nature itself seems to be getting in on the act. As leaders, we must face the reality and find a way to lead through the circumstantial […]

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