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December 2011. That was when I left a company that had been like family for decades to begin my own business. It was also the time when I said goodbye to one of the most influential mentors in my life, career, and management, Al Berg. Al was the visionary who partnered with two associates to […]

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Boss and Employee The old-school model of boss and employee has undergone major changes in recent decades. Between the advent of technology, the shift of working methodologies, globalization, and a more purpose-focused workforce, the workplace of today operates in stark contrast to the workforce of yesteryear. Employees are much more independent. They desire more flexibility […]

The New Normal in the Workplace

Leadership In Action

Let’s suppose there are two teams. One team is highly focused on the goal, and they work together with that goal in mind. While each individual has unique and diverse strengths, they collaborate well on initiatives, each contributing their respective talents to the projects at hand. The other team has ambiguous goals, and on most […]

How to Turn Around a Dysfunctional Team


Strong individuals, strong teams, strong companies, strong economy. It is a symbiotic relationship. Individual strengths, collectively applied, build a strong economy. And, in return, a strong economy supports individuals. As such, the job market is predicated on the application of individual strengths. This application of strengths, built on increasing scale, creates a strong leadership model. […]

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