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  Have you ever stopped to consider how much time you spend waiting? Or driving? For parents with kids in school, this could be the equivalent of a part-time job! What about the time you are waiting for an appointment or getting your car serviced? Or the time you are on hold or performing household […]

Making Intentional Use of Time

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  Have you ever found yourself in a position where something just doesn’t “feel “ right in your work? My bet is that your boss noticed it too.  Perhaps you used to love your work and do it well…so well, in fact, you were given pay raises and promotions. You should love it more than […]

Are You A Good Player In The Wrong Role?


    What one thing do employees dread more than any other?   A.      Going to the Dentist B.      Attending Meetings C.      Performance Reviews You guessed it – “C” it is! At least, that’s the impression you get from a lot of folks. And managers, well, they dread them, too. It’s a once-a-year paperwork fiasco, […]

I’d Rather Have a Root Canal

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