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“I feel like I’m not being heard,” said the employee. “I offer suggestions, and it’s as if no one hears me. But then, if someone else offers the same exact suggestion, it is heard and implemented right away.” “Why doesn’t my manager hear ME?” This tends to be a two-sided issue, summarized in one word: […]

Flip the Communication Coin

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  “What are the characteristics that set an impact player apart from an everyday contributor or a high performer?” This was an interesting point of discussion in a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast with Liz Wiseman, author of Impact Players. It may be clear who on your team is an impact player vs. a non-impact player. […]

Who on Your Team is an Impact Player?


Communication is more than a two-way street, as the saying goes. It is, at its most effective level, a full circle. When it comes to 360-degree leadership, communication involves being able to speak to people at all levels of the organization. It also means being able to listen to all levels as well. Good communication […]

Growing Your Voice


  There are three words that somewhere along the way became abridged from the leadership dictionary. Those words are, “I don’t know.” In many organizations, it became the expectation that a leader should know what to do in any given situation, and that others would simply follow the person who “knows it all.” The days […]

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