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Job interviews are not exactly on anyone’s bucket list. But they are a necessary part of a good hiring process. While the word “interview” can be intimidating for many (including the interviewer!), it is really about having a conversation to determine whether the position and the person are a good match. In that sense, as […]

Four Facets of the Interview Process

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  Complementary. It is an interesting word that encompasses the idea of combining different elements into one complete, cohesive, and comprehensive package. In music, it is discordant sounds played together in such a way as to create harmony. In science, it is elements combined to create a unique and distinct new element. And in the […]

Teamwork – The Complementary Cycle of Success


  If you had to define the core of business, it would be the art of getting things done in service to others, and making a profit in doing so. It is pretty simple, really – serve others and make a profit so you can continue to serve others. “Others” in this case includes leaders, […]

Four-Part Harmony in Business


New York City is known for its unique and expansive culture. With landmark institutions such as Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, and Juilliard, it is truly a center for the arts. One outstanding organization, the New York Philharmonic, draws talented musicians from around the country and around the world. They come from places as […]

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