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In previous articles of this mini-series, we have talked about planning well, finishing well, and giving well. As the new year beckons on the doorstep, there is one other important aspect to wrap up a year (and a quarter), and this is preparing well.   What does it mean to prepare well? You have planned […]

Preparing Well

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  We live in a world where everyday people and leaders at all levels have a chance to make a difference. The need and opportunity have never been greater for leaders to step up to the plate and bring resolution, innovation, inspiration, and stabilization. In a recent podcast, John Maxwell made a distinction between people […]

Are you a “Make a Difference” Leader?


It all started when Kristen Hadeed, a college student, asked her parents for a loan to buy an expensive pair of jeans. They laughed and then told her to get a job. And so she did just that. In fact, she created her own job. Kristen recognized one of her strengths – she liked things […]

A 10-year-old’s Guide to Retiring by 20


When we think of Thanksgiving, we often think about the “thanks” part.  But today, I was thinking about the “giving” part.  You see, when we are thankful, it’s usually about “us” and what has been given to “us”.  When we give, it is about the other person.   I am so incredibly thankful for the […]

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