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In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of doors and gates, symbolizing new beginnings and transitions. His image is one of two faces, each looking in an opposite direction. This is where the month of January got its name. And, of course, the symbolism fits the month. While everyone is focused on new beginnings, there […]

Two-part Strategies and Strengths

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What business are you in? Answers may include health, manufacturing, legal, finances, consulting, coaching, hospitality, retail, IT, electrical, teaching, construction, or perhaps real estate. There are many possible answers you would receive if you asked this question of a group of people. But the real answer is not exactly any of these. As a leader, […]

The Business of PEOPLE


The Business of PEOPLE

Did you know that your innate strengths show up in everything you do? We grow up in various circumstances and obtain a unique set of experiences along the way, but there is one constant: we are, innately, who we were designed to be. We may try to adjust our way into different roles based on […]

The Dangers of Over-Adapting to Your Role in Business

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