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  Let’s face it: “It’s time for your annual review!” are not the words your team members look forward to hearing each year. And, chances are, this is not the highlight of your year, either. Given the pace of speed and change in business today, this process of review needs to happen on a much […]

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  It is that time of year, the time when most company leaders face the annually dreaded challenge of employee performance reviews. It is actually a shared dread, as employees look forward to the process even less than their leaders do. According to Gallup, “only 14% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews inspire them […]

Is it Time to Challenge the Performance Review Process?


Strong individuals, strong teams, strong companies, strong economy. It is a symbiotic relationship. Individual strengths, collectively applied, build a strong economy. And, in return, a strong economy supports individuals. As such, the job market is predicated on the application of individual strengths. This application of strengths, built on increasing scale, creates a strong leadership model. […]

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