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As a leader, you have no doubt noticed the old school sales models don’t always work in today’s customized and individualized market. It’s not enough for a sales person to make the sale. It is more about making the sale that best fits the customer. Let’s face it, from cars to mobile phones to services […]

Sales by Styles – 4 Ways to Tailor Your Approach

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There are many titles that fall within the C-level of an organization – Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, for example. But there is one often-overlooked but important title that applies to all leaders: it is the title of Chief Motivation Officer. As a leader, it is your job […]

How to be an Effective Chief Motivation Officer


Which type are you? One of the fascinating things about working with Strengths Assessments is that, in the realm of four types of characteristic strengths, there are also combinations of those four in varying degrees that unlock the key to who a person truly is at the core. In other words, who you are at […]

What is Your Name?


Beyond a paycheck. Beyond flex time. There is one question leaders in all positions seek to have answered. That question is: Am I making a difference? Each person has three core motivators in business: 1. Income 2. Freedom 3. Purpose The order may vary from person to person as to which is most important at […]

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