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“We need rules around here!” It became an endeared family saying, etched into memories that echo through now silent hallways with smiles and laughter. It started when the grandfather got to be older, and people began trying to make decisions for him or interfere with the way he wanted things to be done. Having grown […]


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  In our workshops, we often use a beach ball to illustrate that what the audience sees from their side of the ball may be totally different than what the presenter sees on their side. As a leader, you have to be able to look at things from different angles, or perspectives. And to do […]

Ten Ways to Expand Your Leadership Perspective


  When it comes to making important decisions, it may be less a matter of what you know and more a matter of what you ask. In this podcast, John Maxwell and Andy Stanley talk about five questions you can ask to help you make better decisions. Based on Andy’s book, Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets, […]

Five Questions to Help You Make Good Decisions


  Decision fatigue is a common malady of modern life. We’ve all been there. Faced with hundreds of options in a day that require us to decide everything from what to wear, to what customized parts of a product we want to purchase part by part, to the really big decisions that center around people […]

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