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Over the past several decades, and with more women taking places in leadership positions, an interesting and added facet of business has taken hold. It is the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ). Essentially, it is the idea of bringing both head AND heart to business – logic and a level of intuition when it comes […]

Five Key Elements of the Intelligence Equation

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Just a few years ago, companies like Walmart ruled the retail universe. With their massive scale, they could compete better than anyone on pricing. If you were to ask them who their greatest competitor was, they likely would have said, “Target.” Today, however, their real competitor has emerged. It is not Target. It is Amazon. […]

Three T’s to Create Competitive Advantage


Collaboration is a corporate buzzword these days, and for good reason. At the root, it means “co-laboring” or “working together.” This is the essence of teamwork – it is a point to which individuals come together to work as one team. This requires the following elements: 1. Individuals Let’s use the analogy of space, for […]

Four Elements of Collaboration


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