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Being an effective leader is very much about maintaining strong relationships. In previous articles in this mini-series, we have discussed four key relationships for leaders. Your relationship to yourself. Your relationship to your team. Your relationship to your clients and customers. Your relationship to your environment. In this final article in the series, we will […]

Forming Your Inner Circle

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This series covers the 12 Habits of Effective Entrepreneurs. Click here to view previous articles. Habit #5 – Energy “The power is out.” “The internet is down.” “We’ve run out of gas.” “The tires are flat.” “The battery is dead.” “The air conditioner is broken.” “There’s a leak in the main water line.” Each of […]

12 Habits of Effective Entrepreneurs-Habit 5


  This is the information age. More than at any other time in history, the world has virtually unlimited information at its fingertips. In a matter of minutes, even a child can tap into more information than a person in previous generations could acquire in a lifetime. Not only can we learn from historical resources, […]

Head of Wisdom is the Head of Business


  It would be great if every business ran like clockwork, with no issues or problems of any kind. But I can tell you from decades of experience in many facets of many businesses – this ideal is far from reality. Not for any business…not even for the one you are thinking of right now […]

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