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  “This isn’t working.” Chances are, there are times when you as a leader have had this thought. Chances are, also, that your team members and employees also have had this thought. The good news is, you have something in common. You have identified something that is not working. You can choose to ignore the […]

The CLARITY Formula for Business

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True or False? A leader must be an expert in every part of the business. A leader must have hands-on experience in each part of the business. A leader must be the smartest person in the room. The answer to each of these is… False. While it is a plus if a leader has deep […]

Transitioning to the Leadership Hat in Business


In science, there is an interesting dynamic. It is the law of expansion and contraction, the process that happens when matter is affected by outside forces. For example, when you heat water to a certain point, it expands and turns to steam. When you cool it down, it turns to liquid – or even ice. […]

The 2-Part GOALS Formula


You may recall the movie, The Blind Side, based on the true life story of Michael Oher. One of the most compelling dialogues in the movie was this: Coach Cotton: “What did you say to him?” Sandra Bullock (as Leigh Anne Tuohy): “You should get to know your players, Bert. He tested 98 percent in […]

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