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It has been said that if you want to grow yourself, grow a business. Few things will require you to know yourself and grow yourself more than this. In raising the lid of your strengths and going beyond your comfort zone, you will grow through the four levels of business leadership. What are the 4 […]

The 4 Levels of Business Leadership

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  It is a compelling question: Are You a “From” or a “For” Kind of Leader? This was the title of a recent Corporate Solutions blog on, and it is compelling, indeed. It is a tough question we as leaders must ask ourselves: Are we expecting things FROM our team, or are we focused […]

Two-word Perspective on Leadership


What would happen to your business if you took a vacation? Your answer to this can be very revealing. Can your business run without you? Can your team function without you? Or do you take pride in being the cog that holds it all together…all the time? This works to a point. And then, it […]

Can Your Business Run Without You?


Businesses grow to different levels, each with its unique transition points. A startup entrepreneurial business is vastly different from a third-generation large-scale corporation, for example. What works in one realm will not work in the other, but the levels do build upon one another. Addition and Subtraction YOU can only go so far. Entrepreneurial leaders […]

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