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Where do many businesses start? Probably with a statement similar to this: “I don’t like being told what to do, so I’m going to start a business, where I can be my own boss.” This, essentially, means they value freedom. And while they may relish not having a “boss,” they will very quickly realize there […]

Identifying Your Leadership Panel

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There are a number of stories out there right now about bad leadership – inappropriate behavior, employees being dismissed without fair compensation or even payment for compensation due, and a general disregard for those in leadership. This is not to say all leaders are bad. In fact, most are likely striving to be the best […]

The ABCs of Good Leadership

Leadership In Action

Boss and Employee The old-school model of boss and employee has undergone major changes in recent decades. Between the advent of technology, the shift of working methodologies, globalization, and a more purpose-focused workforce, the workplace of today operates in stark contrast to the workforce of yesteryear. Employees are much more independent. They desire more flexibility […]

The New Normal in the Workplace

Leadership In Action

Leaders have many responsibilities – strategic planning, overseeing operations, managing the bottom line, and growing the business. There is one responsibility – arguably the biggest – that underlies every one of these and that is the development of people. Why? It is because these people will carry out that plan, perform the operations, impact the […]

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