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You open your mail, and there it is. Someone has opened an account in your name, with a credit line of $20,000. Good for them. Foreseeably, very bad for you. If you are smart (and, of course, you would be), you take swift action to block them from actually using that line of credit that […]

Stolen Identity

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  Do you remember when you went off to college or left home for the first time? It was a mix of fear, excitement, adventure, and anticipation, all rolled into one big life experience. Then your first holiday break came. You looked forward to going home to all the familiar people and experiences you had […]

Getting CLEAR on Your Next Steps in Business


  “The travel budget is $6.5 million a year. We’d like for you to find a way to save 10%.” That was the mission. The travel manager went on to bring the budget down to $2.5 million – and all this at a time when travel was at an all-time company high point. Higher volume, […]

Good Negotiations Create Good Business


  It has been a very eventful two weeks – an intense and exciting Maxwell Leadership training event in Orlando, Florida, followed by a christening, a wedding, and a funeral. In this scope of events, I have seen people at all levels of life – from the beginning through the end. It makes you realize […]

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