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Truly effective business leaders have both an operational mindset and a heart for people. You will occasionally meet a leader who has singular focus toward one side or the other; but they will be limited because of it. On one hand, a leader must build the business with close attention to the bottom line; and […]

What’s the Point?

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The next big wave has been building on the horizon for some time, and it is now hitting mainstream with a vengeance. That wave is artificial intelligence (AI). As companies seek to streamline operations, automate processes, and lower costs, they are taking a new approach to how the work gets done. As the level of […]

Will You Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?


Strong individuals, strong teams, strong companies, strong economy. It is a symbiotic relationship. Individual strengths, collectively applied, build a strong economy. And, in return, a strong economy supports individuals. As such, the job market is predicated on the application of individual strengths. This application of strengths, built on increasing scale, creates a strong leadership model. […]

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