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In previous articles of this mini-series, we have talked about planning well, finishing well, and giving well. As the new year beckons on the doorstep, there is one other important aspect to wrap up a year (and a quarter), and this is preparing well.   What does it mean to prepare well? You have planned […]

Preparing Well

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  In our workshops, we often use a beach ball to illustrate that what the audience sees from their side of the ball may be totally different than what the presenter sees on their side. As a leader, you have to be able to look at things from different angles, or perspectives. And to do […]

Ten Ways to Expand Your Leadership Perspective


  As a leader, you are expected to bring your “A” game. And you expect your team to bring theirs. In fact, this creates a winning team, when each player is performing at their highest level. This does not happen by accident. It is based on working from a point of strengths. And it is […]

Top Level Leaders and Teams


  In his book Failing Forward, my mentor, John C. Maxwell, talks about the difference between average people and achieving people, and it is, in large part, their perception of and response to failure. This is a powerful thought. He does not say that high achievers don’t make mistakes. In fact, they may make more […]

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