May 20, 2014

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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It is a busy time of year for everyone. Graduations, weddings, vacations, spring sports, events, and holidays are added to already packed schedules. It is also that time of year when many of us have this sudden (and shocking) realization that we are almost to the halfway point in the year already. And then we realize, secondarily, that long ago and far away (back in January), we had grandiose plans for changing the universe.


As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?”


If you’re like most folks, you will have to admit it’s not working well…or at all.


So you have two choices. You can give up on the rest of year, or you can turn things around and take another run at those goals you set. You can end the year with regret or with a sense of real accomplishment.


What you do now…TODAY…could make that difference.


If you are stuck, it is likely that at least one of these actions needs to be engaged.


Speed Up
Are you taking targeted actions daily or are you just drifting from one thing to another in random fashion? Each day, I determine what three things I WILL accomplish for the day. And here’s the key: I write them down and keep them in front me of me. When I’m pulled away or my attention wanes, I’m drawn back to those three targeted actions.


In a world of constant digital distractions, you may have to turn off phones, email, social media, and TV in order to focus and actually get something done. And guess what I’ve learned: the world will not fall apart if I disconnect for an hour. It’s amazing.


What is that one important thing that has been weighing on your mind? Set a timer, dive in, and just get it done. The momentum you create will carry you forward to the next thing. Start with just one thing.


Slow Down

Then there is the converse issue. Some of you are not getting things done because you are moving too fast. This is especially an issue for the I-wired folks among us. You have chased so many shiny objects, you have gotten lost. Maybe you have volunteered for more opportunities than you can possibly fulfill, and you’re starting to fail on significant obligations. The answer, for you, is not to move faster, but to SLOW DOWN. Breathe. Relax and think through what you need to do. Be realistic about how much you can personally accomplish – and get help for what you can’t.



There are some things you have been doing that perhaps you should stop doing. If you are doing one thing and a greater opportunity arises – one of those once-in-a-lifetime chances to move forward – are you going to keep doing that one thing? Not if you want to get anywhere. As my mentor Dan Miller teaches, sometimes you have to give up something in order to make room for something better. Ask yourself if there is anything that needs to be on your “stop” list so you can “go” forward.


Back Up

Perhaps you have totally lost your way somewhere along the line. You started an important initiative and then hit a point of overwhelm or took a wrong turn. To you, I say, “Back up.” Go back to where you got off track and simply start over. We all have to do this on occasion. Don’t waste time beating yourself up for what you did or did not do. Just go back and do it.


I’ll be running through this checklist myself over the next few weeks. I call it my mid-year reboot. I encourage you to do the same. In fact, I encourage you to join our Strength Leader Mentor community and leave a comment as to what your course of action is. One of the great prompts to action is making the commitment to act. Go here and let your commitment be known.


And to those already in the community, let’s support each other here. There is power in numbers. See  you on the inside!

  1. Deb – not sure what is in the water re: being STUCK….as I read another post this morning
    and I posted on this exact topic late last week.
    Thanks for the added KICK IN THE PANTS…..in fact, when I wrote my own post I had to be a little discreet and speak in code toward the end…..as I was also preaching to the man in the mirror!!
    Good thoughts….Bruce

    • Deb Ingino says:

      Bruce isn’t it interesting how we are mostly posting the topics we need to hear at any given moment. Frankly this is one that I think we all need to revisit from time to time. Great post by our mutual friend Michael Good!