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3 Tips for Organizing According to Your Style

May 27, 2014

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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I enjoyed having some time this past holiday weekend to do some thinking and (you won’t believe this one) clearing of my desk. It felt really good to finish some projects and clear away a few things. If you’re D/I wired like me, you know we can create more ideas and projects in a minute than a whole team could carry out in a week, so this was no small accomplishment!


Then I saw that Michael Hyatt cleared his desk this weekend, too, as evidenced by a picture he posted on Facebook. I have to admit his was REALLY clean. This caused me to think of the different organizing styles.


In our house, it’s a two-to-one ratio – my husband and daughter are both meticulously organized C-wired, and then there is me – the project tornado. I am convinced that God gave me both an organized husband AND an organized daughter to create some semblance of balance in our household.


Over the years, I’ve learned a few things from them and have adapted a method of organization that fits me.


This will totally shock my family, but I am about to provide three tips on organization.


  1. Set Priorities
    On any given day, I accomplish many things. But on a card that I keep in front me, I list my three main priorities. These are my must-do’s for the day. This helps me focus and ensures that the most important things get done. Notice there are only three things on the card.  If I put 100 must-do’s on several pages, I’d be setting myself up for the failure-guilt cycle. Be realistic and selective regarding priorities. This is especially important for those who are C-wired. My mentor John C. Maxwell wisely reminds us that if we don’t set our priorities, someone else will.


  1. Create Routines
    My D-wiring side has always valued promptness…show up on time and get it done. The problem comes when my I-wiring gets me sidetracked (usually in an effort to help someone). And so I add in extra cushions of time between tasks and appointments to allow for these occurrences. I do not have the patience (!!!) to schedule my time in five-minute increments each day. Instead, I have established routines instead. On Sunday evenings, I send out messages and review the week ahead. On Monday evenings, I do mastermind calls. Certain days of the week, I do coaching. These routines help me contain those things into the proper boundaries so they get done.Everyone needs routines to keep the wheels turning in their life and business. Make ones that fit you. If you’re D-wired, keep them simple and straightforward. If you’re I-wired, make them fun. If you’re S-wired, make them flexible. And if you’re C-wired, make them very structured.


  1. Establish Boundaries
    If you were to write on cards every single idea, project, and obligation you have right now, how many cards would you have? My guess is it would be overwhelming to see them all displayed at once. It makes you realize the only way to deal with the massive overload we all face these days is to establish boundaries. Set boundaries with regard to time and type of activities that fit for you. There is no limit to the number of ideas and opportunities out there…but there IS a limit to YOU. Push those limits too far, and other areas of your life will be impacted adversely.Boundaries and delegation come easily to us D-wired folks. Other personalities will find saying, “No” is much more of a challenge. You may need to stand in front of a mirror and practice saying, “No” until it becomes comfortable to you.


Do you have organizational tips you’d like to share? Comment below – I’d love to hear them. Be sure to indicate your wiring if you know it.