Why Is There Spaghetti on Your Wall?

January 14, 2014

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Every organization – and, in fact, every individual – needs a mission statement that defines who they are and what they do.


Why is a mission statement so critical to success?

1. It defines who you are.
2. It defines who you are not.


We talked about this recently in the Donut Shop Jambalaya Coach blog. The issue there is one of an undefined mission.


How can you have a strong mission statement?


1. Keep it simple.
Have three words to three sentences, but keep it simple. Narrow it to the core of who you are or what your business is all about. I know someone who, as a result of going through the Discover My Best Focus process, was able to boil down her mission into just three words: Connect – Create – Complete.


What is the significance of this? It allows her to weigh business opportunities against these three mission concepts. If she can “connect” with a client’s needs and values – see and sense what they need; “create” a plan, process, program, or product to meet that need; and “complete” that project, then her mission has been fulfilled.


But if she is approached with an opportunity to which she feels no compelling connection, or that does not allow for creativity, or can never be finished, she knows not to take on that opportunity. It may fit someone else perfectly, but it does not fit her. As she has narrowed her focus, she has, as a result, expanded her business.


Keeping the mission statement simple is key to growth. Many organizations go the opposite direction – they get too complicated. And growth is inhibited by complexity.


2. Keep it clear.
Steer clear of the austere corporate buzzwords and just create a statement that clearly defines what you do and why you exist.


3. Keep it visible.
Ah, NOW we get to the spaghetti part…They used to say if you throw spaghetti on the wall and it sticks, it’s done. Your mission statement is the wall, and if you throw an opportunity at it and it sticks, it’s a pretty good indicator that it will work. Keep the wall in front of you at all times.


I work with people and companies every day to help them do two things: (1) Define who they are, and (2) Grow their business. These two ends of the spectrum are strongly connected, and you need both.


So here’s my question to you: What is YOUR mission statement?


Define In three words to three sentences…WHAT IS YOUR MISSION STATEMENT? It is so important that I want you to write it here in the comments section.


If you don’t know, don’t despair. Contact me. I’d love to help you…because helping you discover your strengths and grow your business is MY mission statement.