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Are You Competent?

January 21, 2014

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

Meet Deb


Picture this. You are out with a loved one who suddenly goes pale, clutches their chest, and collapses. Two words flash across your mind as it races in terror: HEART ATTACK!


Just at that moment, a stranger steps in and immediately begins to administer CPR. You notice this person is intensely focused, yet strangely at ease. Without words, their actions speak loudly: they know what they are doing. You are frightened by the situation, yet inexplicably relieved by the intervention. And then you see it, faint at first…then stronger and deeper…your loved one’s chest begins to raise and lower as life returns.


This is competence in action.


Competence is the person who knows who they are – what their strengths are – and who develops those strengths into skills to ultimately help others. Competence is the person who can step in when the need arises and smile with reassurance because they know what to do.


Believe me, if this were you, a competent person is exactly who you want to see at a time like that.


You hear a lot about strengths, self-improvement, empowerment – in fact, very often, you will find it right here.


Do we promote such ideas so you can stand in a gym and admire your own muscles? Do we promote the idea of developing your mind so the world can see how smart you are? Do we promote the idea of having values so you can show everyone how much better you are than them? Never, never, never! This is not competence – it is conceit. And, frankly, people who are all about themselves have very small fan clubs.


The reason you should be strong in each area of life and develop your particular strengths to the highest level boils down to one very important concept: to serve others.


If you’ve ever seen someone dip into their strengths and passion to help someone else, you have seen competence in action.


You have strengths unique to you. You have skills. Do you have competence?


If not, take the time to hone those strengths and skills for service. There’s a saying, “There’s a prepared place for a prepared person.”


Be competent…be prepared.


  1. piercemarrs says:

    Great post Deb. To be consciously competent is a must of you are going to lead. I appreciate the reminder.

    • Deb Ingino says:

      Thanks Pierce, isn’t it interesting that our level of competence we have today 10 years ago may have seemed unattainable but here we are…so just imagine 10 years from now. Wowser!

  2. Gisella says:

    I believe many people have the strength and skill but not many have the competence, I think in some cases because of their insecurity re. their knowledge. Maybe even because they don’t trust that they are capable of doing a great job. I have seen, in my field, agents who only need some reassurance that they have the skills to help more sellers and buyers. They have the skills to become great agents. Deb thanks for sharing this!

    • Deb Ingino says:

      You are so right Gisella, the talent if not used is as good as gone. You are very smart to offer reassurance to help build up their confidence! It’s something we all need from time to time.

  3. Yes, right on Deb! I’m also learning that before competence comes incompetence. It’s that daily grind, day in and day out that helps build confidence. You’ve been doing this for years and make it look easy. But I’m a bit new so I need to grind it out like you and others have done so I can help people in a competent manner, like you and others have done.

    I appreciate you Deb, you are awesome!