Discover My Best Focus Coaching


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Discover My Best Focus Executive Coaching

6  One Hour of 1:1 Coaching calls with Deb Ingino (Skype or Phone) where we will:

  • Discover how you are wired, your strengths, talents and your true potential
  • Identify the type of activities that truly provide you with a deep level of satisfaction and motivation
  • Find your sweet spot where you are truly operating at your highest potential, leading yourself and others
  • Identify businesses and personal drivers that best suit you
  • Create an executable Action Plan to move forward
  • Learn how to LEAD with your Strengths


  • Online Strengths Report
  • Video Lessons and course pre-work
  • 1:1 Strengths Assessment Review with Deb
  • Up to Six Hours  1:1 Coaching Calls with Deb
  • Decision Navigator
  • Launch Plan

Click Here: $4250.

If you are considering engaging with me as a coach, I’m honored. Here is what some others have had to say.

What can I say about Deb Ingino?  She changed my life!

I found Deb through a recommendation from Dan Miller’s team at Dan is the author of the excellent book, 48 Days to the Work You Love.

I came to Deb exhausted and burned out from a long and successful career in Internet marketing. I didn’t know what was next for me. I was confused and afraid. I had many questions. If I am so good at what I do, why do I feel so trapped? With a wife and 4 children to support, what was I going to do? I was desperate.

After an initial consultation call with Deb, I decided to go through Deb’sDiscover My Best Focus” Coaching course. The weekly lessons hit the bulls eye as I journeyed through my childhood, discovered serious limiting beliefs, grieved deep losses, uncovered real blocks to my personal growth, and re-evaluated my true priorities and passions. The tools Deb provided like her Strengths Report, StrengthFinder , Ten Stories, and Fifty Activities, were absolutely crucial for me to move forward.

Near the end of our coaching sessions, I worked with Deb to complete an extensive “Decision Matrix” that I now use DAILY in both my business and personal decisions.

Deb had incredible patience and wisdom as she helped me negotiate the murky waters of “should” vs. “want.” She equipped me to find a healthy balance between my current financial obligations and my newly awakened passions.

If you have even an inkling of making a career change, or if you are burned out and just need to a compassionate guide to help you “course correct,” Deb Ingino is who you want to call. She is a gifted mentor.

Eric Darby, VP of Search Marketing, Lifescript, Inc.


Deb helped me figure out my “wiring” in 2010. Deb’s process goes far beyond the DISC profile to reveal how your personality, passions, and strengths have been present in your life all along. I really enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone who is wrestling with career/life direction challenges.

Alison Brown


Deb understands that you first must understand yourself before you can maximize your full potential. Her passion and ability to connect with others really comes through loud and clear. Along with Deb’s amazing heart, her expertise and experience really separates her from the rest.

Gregg Pechmann, CEO, Fighting Back Financially
was with another company when working with Deb


Deb is a phenomenal mentor, motivator, and goal coach. She has the ability to hear your big picture and business needs and is able to translate them into digestible action items and steps. Deb has tremendous positive energy that makes me want to take action on my revised business plan and hit my goals!

Brett Chaponot, Real Estate 


The first time I met Deb, watched and listened to her intently, I realized I was watching a star forming in the coaching realm. She has the remarkable ability to instantly connect with you as she does her lifelong friends, while not overwhelming you with HER super successful background as she coaches YOU to discover ‘wired’ strengths and how to gain the maximum results from them.

Deb has developed and utilizes her own powerful Wired Strengths Report online assessment tool to coach aspiring entrepreneurs, established businesses and organizations to leverage their own innate talents. Her life success reflects her approach; I highly recommend she help mentor you to achieve the same.

Chuck Bowen, CEO Mission Mercantile


Deb has helped shape my professional career since 2012, when I was trying to find another job while having a very unrewarding experience. I was completely lost. A year and a half earlier, I had accepted what I thought was my “dream job” since I had been an adult and it did not take me long to realize that something was not working out, but I couldn’t figure it out what it was.
With Deb’s guidance, tough questions, and what I truly believe is a sincere, heartfelt desire to help me succeed, we went through an in depth self-awareness process, from all perspectives, that made me realize how far “wired” I was from my so-called “dream job” and that I needed to develop a conscious career plan that called for my specific needs but that was also true to my strengths, skills and huge potential I had had so hidden for a while.
Not long after, the right opportunity literally knocked on my door and I was able to welcome it. It was a huge jump from my previous job, on a leadership role, with tons of responsibilities but also countless opportunities. I felt in my heart that I was the right fit but Deb showed me and proved to me that I was the right fit. She was there every single step of the way and made me feel confident of my talents. So confident I was that applied for this job when I was almost 7 months pregnant! I got the job and I love it! Every single aspect of it! Every single project I have to work on! I love going to work! And I had never felt like that before. Deb made me aware of my leadership potential, made me believe, made me understand how to “express” it, how to develop it and she also guided me on how to be strategic to continuously improve and excel at what I do.
One of my biggest challenges in working on a leadership role has been the managing of staff and working with teams. After few hard times, frustration was building up and I needed to be strategic because I was having a hard time communicating and leading a team under very demanding circumstances and with high expectations. Deb was patience and open; again, she guided me to re- realize what my strengths were, what my “wired style” was and clearly showed me how to start understanding how other styles work and how could I efficiently work with them. Things changed dramatically in only few weeks! I received very positive feedback from my boss and I could see how things were starting to change around me. What I thought was going to become my first “dislike” of my job, actually became my first leadership development opportunity and I embraced it mostly because of Deb’s insight and perspective.
I enormously appreciate Deb’s understanding and openness to my cultural differences, not only in terms of my personal needs for a coach as a developing professional and the fact that I am relatively new to this country but I also deeply thank her willingness to truly understand where I am coming from and how that affects my work life, the choices I make and the expectations I have.

Marcia V. Moreno, Diversity and Talent Manager


I love knowing Deb Ingino. Her spirit resonates all the way across the states as a genuine person that truly desires to serve with all her heart. She has a natural spark with helping others understand how they are wired, bringing that to life, and will make anybody live more fully in their strengths towards their potential.

Rob Clinton, Coach/ Speaker/ Writer, 180 Career Coaching

I’ve worked with Deb on several occasions-initially to help identify my business focus through her “Discover My Best Focus” course and most recently as a business/accountability coach. Deb has always gone above and beyond my expectation in terms of service and professionalism. She has helped to expand my vision while keeping me focused on “what’s next”. Working with Deb has been a real pleasure and, bottom line, has saved me a great deal of time and money. I highly recommend Deb Ingino.

Arlene Rattan, Psychologist,  Coach

 Deb will help you discover and better understand your strengths and “wired style”. But more importantly you will absolutely love the journey. She makes it a blast.

Deb will help you discover and better understand your strengths and “wired style”. But more importantly you will absolutely love the journey. She makes it a blast.

Jack Lynady


Deb has amazing insight into people’s wiring and can help you understand your strengths and wiring in ways that make you say ‘Wow, that is me!’  If you have a vague idea how you’re wired to act and your strengths, but just can’t bring it all together, Deb can help you achieve clarity.

Justin Hughes


Deb has an amazing ability to immediately connect with people and understand their heart. I’ve never seen anyone do it as quickly and as passionately as she does. Understanding personalities is an invaluable skill when you’re trying to figure out next steps and Deb is the person to do it.

Justin Lukasavige, Storywriter | Radio Host | Author of “Become a Coach” | Social Media & Business Coach, Lukas Coaching