In Case of Emergency…

July 28, 2014

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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I have some pretty smart friends who will be sharing a slice of their leadership message on my blog.  This week it is my friend Jeff Beaudin. Enjoy Jeff’s insightful post! – Deb


In Case of Emergency…



Think back. Do you remember what you were taught to do if you should suddenly find yourself on fire?




Being on fire doesn’t really allow for time to read a chapter on each command. On the other hand, “Stop, drop, and roll”  gives me an effective, reliable instruction should I suddenly combust. Challenge and crisis can create that same sense of  urgency in the workplace and the need for effective, reliable and accessible leadership fundamentals.


Business is a team sport and any leader worth their salt will admit they’re only as good as their team.  So when it’s time to lead your team through a challenge I offer, for your consideration, these 4 leadership keys (plus a bonus):


Mission First. I know, on the surface this seems self-evident. However, the science of team performance measurement shows that under pressure all individuals on your team respond in predictable, if varying, ways. When the bullets start to fly some will find it easier to stay focused on the goal than others.  When people struggle you’ll need to invest the time, during the battle, to recognize how they are reacting and coach them back to a high level of productivity.


Reject Passivity. Lead from the front. Your team needs to see you engaged as much as they need your direction. A leader who plays it safe while others risk won’t lead for long.


Accept Responsibility. It’s what you signed on for. That means not only achieving your goal but bringing your people  through the challenge in a way that grows and strengthens them. No one gets left behind.


Lead Courageously. One of the most challenging obstacles we see in leaders is difficulty in accepting the fact that others may not see them the same way they see themselves, which can disrupt effective communication. It takes great courage to look in the mirror and even more to allow someone to give you feedback. You know you need the trust of those you lead. Trust their abilities. You hired them for times such as these.


Bonus: Expect to Win. Your team will sense if you’re faking it. But if you truly expect victory it will encourage, feed, and strengthen your team.  It’s what they expect from you.


I would encourage you to put these 5 points on an index card and keep it close. Pull it out in case of emergency. If you can align your actions to these objectives then you’re the right person for the job.


JEff Beaudin

Jeff Beaudin, Founder of LaunchPOINT, is a speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant specializing in job, team, and career fit for high performance. He is a certified Teamability® Consultant and works with organizations and individuals to get the right people in the right seats doing the right things. His website is www.frompassiontopaycheck.com . You can reach Jeff directly at jeff@frompassiontopaycheck.com.




  1. Dan Miller says:

    Jeff – great post. The reminder to continue to allow others to give us feedback is something I need to hear constantly.

  2. Jeff – thanks for the keys plus 1. Especially expect to win!

  3. All great points, Jeff. But what hits me is the concise point of “Stop, Drop, and Roll”. It really doesn’t get any simpler and no book is needed. If we can know these points instinctively, they’ll ooze from every action we take as leaders. That may take some practice, but it’s absolutely possible.

  4. Deb Ingino says:

    A great reminder Jeff! Just like James I love the easy to remember reference. Simple works!

  5. Diana Bader says:

    I ditto James. So often businesses make things so much more complicated than they need too, and that is often ineffective.