How The Grouch Stole Christmas

December 22, 2020

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How The Grouch Stole Christmas

This wonderful prose was created by our talented

Online Business Manager, Brenda Dunagan


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Strengthsville was sound,

With each DISC style strongly holding their ground.


D-wired Deb was in charge of it all,

While C-wired Melissa decorated the hall.

S-wired hubby snuggled deep in his chair,

While I-wired activities went on everywhere.


But, alas, loose in Strengthsville was the mean old Grouch,

Who took one look at hubby asleep on the couch

And decided that Christmas should all be the same,

That there would be no more of this DISC-wired game.


So he set out to change the D to an S

And to corral the I-wired so they wouldn’t digress.

He decided the C’s should release their perfection

And then was quite pleased with this needed correction.


The Grouch firmly decided that all should be one,

That this would make Christmas all the more fun.


Each would get presents, the same one and all,

And all would be happy to play the same ball.

And no one would fight over who got what gift,

For if all were the same, there would be no rift.

And all would agree quite agreeably you see,

And no one would differ any differently.


But, alas, they were mad as they looked all around –

Not one happy person in Strengthsville was found.


The D could not change to an S or a C,

And the S felt great pressure when turned to a D.

The I’s were unhappily bored just to stand,

While the C’s were frustrated by such a bad plan.


But the Grouch was quite happy and riddled with glee

Because they were grouchy, as much as could be.

You see, in his efforts to make all the same,

He had made them all grouches – they took on his name.


D-wired Deb refused to comply.

She confronted the Grouch to find out why.

She decided that he was quite wrong from the start

And that what the Grouch needed was a big change of heart.

She pulled out her assessment and a bold black pen,

And then the Grouch interrogation began.


“How would you do this or that?” she asked Grouch,

As he sputtered and squirmed on his green Grouch couch.

So she worked with the Grouch to determine his strengths.

It took quite an effort, but she went to great lengths

To help him see that not all are the same,

That each has strengths assigned to his name.


So Deb got a Hummer, all shiny and black.

She took off for Starbucks and has not yet come back.


Melissa got crafts and creative supplies,

And is creating creations and baking great pies.


Hubby got books and went back to his chair,

Peacefully reading right then and right there.


The I-wireds went searching for shiny objects galore,

All on sale at half price at the Funmart store.


S-wireds were content with the peace that ensued,

And befriended the Grouch, who was no longer rude.


And all were quite happy, as much as could be

When the D was a D, and the C was a C.


Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Love this!!! Thanks for a good morning laugh!!

  2. Eric Gale says:

    Impressive! Most impressive!

  3. PreEngaged says:

    Very cute – good job! (I don’t know why this isn’t putting up my name or picture… lol – preengaged)

  4. Wow, this is stellar. Sharing it!

  5. Awwww, how adorable! Thank you!

  6. That is brilliant – I love it and will share it with our 48 Days audience as well!

    • Deb Ingino says:

      I knew you’d love it Ashley, Brenda Dunagn is one of the most gifted and creative people I know! Merry Christmas to you, Nathan and your beautiful girls!

  7. So do you really have a Hummer Deb? 🙂 Me and my C-wiredness helped design the hood and fenders of the H2.

    • Deb Ingino says:

      I don’t have a hummer yet but it’s not Christmas morning just yet lol! That and a Bentley convertible black with saddle interior are my 2 favs. Sure hope Santa reads my blog lol! Merry Christmas to the Current Family!

  8. Great Deb. That was done in great Christmas cheer. I love it!!!

  9. Charis6 says:

    Ahhh Christmas, that time of year, when I ponder…Am I a C or a D or just a very STRESSED S? Thank you Deb, love this

    • Deb Ingino says:

      Too Funny Kathe, I think right about know no matter what our wiring, we are all stressed…. I’m hoping to write out and mail more Christmas cards today.

      Blessings to you, Bob and your beautiful family!