The Year America Stayed Home

December 16, 2020

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The Year America Stayed Home

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The year 2020 was a year of challenge and change. It could someday be called “The Year America Stayed Home.”

While that has the advantage of resetting the frenzied pace of life that was, the effect on some businesses and institutions has been devastating. Businesses have been forced to go online, outside, or in some cases, out of business.

This year has affected every business, organization, community, family, school, and person in some way. We have been called upon to pivot and learn new ways of doing old things. Some of the changes have brought timely innovation; some have simply brought hard times.

There are people dealing with the stress of “more” and people dealing with the stress of “less” – and some are dealing with both.

How can you lead yourself and your team through these times of change?

1. Master Your Mindset

As a leader, your mindset directly affects your team. Find one good thing in each day. Just one. Even if it is a small thing, it is enough to interrupt the cycle of negativity that could otherwise spin out of control. Find ways to re-energize based on your personality – take a hike, read a book, phone a friend, or solve a crossword puzzle. Your team needs your positive energy.

2. Maintain Your Balance

If you are an introvert, be sure you have the balance of an extrovert. If you are an extrovert, enjoy the calmness that an introvert can bring into your life.

3. Measure Your Progress

It is likely that your goals for 2020 changed rather quickly. But you should still have goals – maybe smaller, more agile, but have goals, nonetheless. Especially in times of change and uncertainty, you need attainable goals to pull you forward.

4. Magnify Your Strengths

There has never been a better time to be you.

    • If you are a D-wired push-forward leader, your strengths are needed to keep businesses, communities, and organizations going.
    • If you are an I-wired innovator, your strengths of nimbleness, agility, and solution-focused ideas are critically needed.
    • If you are an S-wired peacemaker, your calm spirit is needed to keep things running smoothly and to provide comfort to those who need it.
    • If you are a C-wired individual, your strengths are needed to develop solutions to real-life issues.

5. Make Your Mark

In times of change and challenge, you have a choice. You can walk away or face the challenge head on. When you face the challenge, you make your mark on the world.

6. Mitigate Your Losses

This is a time to pay attention to some things that are often neglected in households and businesses – things like maintenance, repairs, budgets, and operational systems.

7. Manage Your Schedule

Times of change can affect schedule. These times certainly have. Think about it. For years, you had a certain schedule, where you left for work or school. And certain habits that tied to that schedule. All of that has gone out the window this year. However, maintaining a regular schedule is key to productivity and good mental and physical health.

8. Motivate Your Team

Not only are you and the company affected by these changes; every member of your team is impacted. There are new rules for how they work, when they work, and what they wear to work. Working behind masks has a marked effect.

Suddenly having to work online versus in an office is a major change for many. Do all you can to keep your team engaged and motivated. Regular video calls go a long way toward keeping your team involved and motivated. Make them fun and engaging, action-oriented, and practically worthwhile, so each member of your team feels like a true player on the team.

With the long winter months ahead, spend some time this holiday season thinking of how you can re-energize yourself as the leader and re-charge your team for the new year.

This holiday season, take some time help a business, organization, or family in need. Woodward Children’s Center is worthy of consideration. If you’d like to learn more about Woodward Children’s Center or make a donation to support their efforts in changing lives, click here.