Seven Additional Ways to Handle Resistance

November 16, 2022

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Seven Additional Ways to Handle Resistance

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In our last article, we talked about a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast where John Maxwell covered six of thirteen ways to handle resistance. In this article, we’ll talk about the remaining seven.

You can listen to the podcast here:

“You can tell you’re on the road to success. It’s uphill all the way.”
– Paul Harvey

To this, John adds: “You don’t coast to success.”

He identifies these seven additional ways to handle resistance, even if YOU are the one resisting.

  1. Promise problems, not just solutions.
    It is best to be honest and upfront with your people. Things won’t always be easy, and you don’t have all the answers. This is why they need to be aware of and prepared for the challenges. Ultimately, it is this kind of working together that does create solutions.
  2. Overcommunicate.
    Ignorance may not be bliss; it may be resistance. Keep your people fully informed.
  3. Wear your commitment on your sleeve.
    Put it out there where people can see it and you can be accountable. When it gets tough, keep going. Be the example of a tenacious leader.
  4. Develop a reward system to support change.
    If you have people who are willing to tread the waters of change with you, be sure to reward them for it. This helps prevent a wave of resistance that could otherwise set in over the long run. People need doses of reward along the way.
  5. Call it out.
    Get resistance out in the open, where it can be addressed.
  6. Make sure your team has the needed training.
    John makes a great point here. Train early. Once bad habits and processes are ingrained, it takes much more time, energy, and money to untrain and then re-train.
  7. Get started.
    It is the nature of resistance to not want to start. As a leader, you must overcome the resistance and be the one who gets things started.

Take some time to listen to these two podcasts. Be ready for when the resistance comes.

Overcoming Resistance-Part 1

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