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February 10, 2012

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I know you’ve seen the headlines, but I feel the need to repeat them anyway.


Giants WIN!


It would be an understatement to say that we at the Ingino household enjoyed this year’s Super Bowl.  We had a crowd of folks at my house literally on their edge of their seats as it came down to those final seconds.  What a finish!


Just a few weeks before, the Giants were 7 and 7.  So what happened?  How did they take a ho-hum season and turn it into THIS?  Well, Eli Manning said something pretty profound.


“All season, we have kept our confidence. When you lose four games in a row, that can really test a team. I think we played a lot of those games tough.  Besides the New Orleans game, all those other games were tight games. Green Bay was close.  At San Francisco came down to the wire.  Philadelphia came down to the wire. Those three games could have easily been flipped the other way. I think we recognized that and still understood that we were a good team – we had talent. We weren’t playing our best at that point, but we weren’t playing terrible. We just had to make a few adjustments, play a little smarter.” –Eli Manning


Let’s break this down:
  1. They lost.
  2. They kept their confidence. 
  3. They assessed the problem.
  4. They adjusted.
  5. They played smarter.
  6. They won.


Like I said, that’s pretty profound.  How often do we get caught in the downward spiral of failing, losing confidence, and not taking the time to assess, adjust, play smarter, and win?  So, okay, you hit a valley.  You’re falling flat on your face.  You KNOW you can do better, but you’re not.  In the game of life, let’s just say your performance is less than stellar. 


What do you do
to get yourself to the Super Bowl?


You follow the pattern.


  1. You fail, lose, and fall flat on your face.  Maybe you do this several times.  Okay, that happens.
  2. You take a deep breath, dust yourself off, and give yourself a pep talk that says something like, “I know you can do this.  You have talents and strengths.  You’re just not playing them well.”
  3. You figure out what didn’t work, where you could have flipped that game in your favor.
  4. You adjust your playbook and tweak your plays, asking yourself, “How can we do this better next time?”
  5. You pull your team together (you DO have a team, don’t you?) and you play SMARTER.
  6. You win.


I will tell you that no victory is as sweet as one that started with overcoming loss.  Let’s face it, if winning was easy, everyone would be in the Super Bowl.  It’s not.  It’s hard work, and it’s determination that NOTHING will get between you and that goal. 


And lest you think it’s just too late to get in the game – that a loss is inevitable – I suggest you watch the last few seconds of this year’s Super Bowl.  

Get Back in the Game.  

Play a Little Smarter.



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    AWESOME! Woop-woop!