Leading Forward When You Can’t Go Back

June 15, 2022

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Leading Forward When You Can’t Go Back

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There is a saying that you can’t really go home again because, when you went away, your life moved forward and so did the lives of those who made home “home.”

And so, you can go back to a place, but it will be different – not necessarily good or bad – but different than when you left.

This describes today’s world.

For a time, people thought they could just go back to the way it was before the pandemic and pick up with their normal lives. But the fact is, there is no going back to the way it was. Society has changed. Methodologies have changed. People have changed.

Some of the changes have been amazingly innovative. They have allowed families to be together and learn new things. They have given employees a chance to work in a different environment that, with the advent of technology, has also brought a sense of freedom that some do not readily want to relinquish. Some of the changes have given birth to new lines of business that didn’t exist before and were not even imagined.

The changes have also brought major challenges for leaders and their teams, which continue to this day.

As a leader, you must realize there is no going back to exactly the way it was. And so, you must find a way to move forward.

  • You do this by bringing with you the values and principles that stand the test of time. And you learn to apply them, along with your team, to what lies ahead.
  • You may not serve people in the same way as before, but great service is still important.
  • You may not use the same tools to do the work, but the work can be done differently and perhaps more efficiently.
  • You may communicate by different means, but you must still master the art of communication.

And so it is, the world has changed, and so have we. We can’t go back, but we can move forward and bring the best of the past forward into a new time.

Have the conversations with your team. Work through the challenges. Find a way through the chaos. Be a leader who finds a way.

Take some time to listen to this Maxwell Leadership podcast where you can get more ideas and support for ways you can lead your team through these challenges.

As the CEO of Strength Leader Development, Deb Ingino is a highly sought-after international executive mentor, coach, trainer, and speaker. Deb is well versed in global business operations and helps business leaders and their teams to discover and leverage their strengths, so they can create highly collaborative teams that deliver great results. With a refreshingly direct style, and using the Maxwell Method, Deb helps leaders and teams to deliver profitable results. Connect with Deb to learn more about her mentorship and coaching programs to equip you with advanced strategies to elevate your results.