Leadership Lessons from Duck Dynasty

October 2, 2013

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

Meet Deb

Sooner or later, my secret will come out…everyone will know. So I’ve decided to confess it now.


I, Deb Ingino, high powered executive and business owner from Long Island, New York…gulp…LOVE Duck Dynasty.


Whew! It feels good to get that out in the open.


My family doesn’t understand me. My husband thinks I’m nuts; but yes, I love Duck Dynasty. As a student of people, there are always lessons to be learned. So technically, we could call my addiction of watching the show…homework. And to further justify my argument, here is my report on what I’ve learned.


Duck Commander Leadership Lessons


1. Be Real
If you had to pick one word to describe the Robertsons, it would be the word “real”. They are who they are. They are genuine. In a society where leaders are often caught in acts of deception, “real” stands out.


2. Be a Team
They get themselves into predicaments. They drive each other nuts. They have differing personalities. But no matter what, in the end, they find a way to get things done…together. They are a team.


3. Have Fun in Your Work
Because the show is so humorous, it is easy to overlook the fact that they run a multi-million dollar corporation. They put out a tremendous amount of work. They love what they do and are good at it, but there are pressures and demands like you’d find in any manufacturing environment. They mix in fun, which is incredibly entertaining, but it’s also what keeps them doing what they do for the long term. They may complain about all the work Willie finds for them to do, but they always come through. Love what you do, and enjoy your work.


4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
This was a good quote from the show one night: “Why not step out of your comfort zone?”


Answer: “It’s not comfortable!”


But they do it all the time…and so should we. If we get too comfortable, we begin to lose our edge. As leaders, we should constantly challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone.


5. Always Come Back to Your Values
At the end of the show, no matter how much they may have driven each other crazy, they come back to their values of faith and family. It has been said that you should be “loyal to principles, not institutions”. Institutions change…principles do not. As a leader, you must establish your principles and hold to them firmly. You will be tested on a daily basis.


And those are the lessons I’ve learned from watching Duck Dynasty. Now go and have a “Happy, Happy, Happy” week!


  1. TheNaptimeCEO says:

    This is great Deb! (I love this show too) You’ve articulated, though, why so many people are attracted to it. From a leadership standpoint, if we incorporate these traits in our own organizations, then our teams should be more excited and engaged with what we are doing. If not, then perhaps it comes back to the last point about values. I’ve always believed that when hiring values and character as just as important, if not more, than skill. If necessary I can teach skills.

    Well done!
    ~Megan Burns

  2. Deb Ingino says:

    Thanks Megan. Looks like you and I are on the same page on Duck Dynasty the show and the real value proposition of what great leadership brings…engagement.