Are You The Firewood Or The Fire?

January 22, 2012

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Business conditions change, they shift, the winds of change blow and we have two choices. We can become compliant and allow ourselves to be consumed by the changing conditions or we can light a fire and make ourselves fuel that is in fact creating and consuming what we need to build our momentum.
In both circumstances we change, our company changes, our potential changes.
If we do nothing and allow ourselves to be firewood, we lose the opportunity to lead.
But, as the flame, we are once again charting the course, determining and dictating the destination.
If you are a Strength Leader you need to be the flame.
Be the catalyst.
Start the fire.
  1. I think too many of us tend to be the firewood in our careers for too long. We get started as the fire and life, possessions, or whatever else gets in the way. Slowly we turn into the firewood, hoping we can just get by and enjoy our life. In 30 years, what can we show for it? I would rather act as the catalyst and get something started, something that is bigger than I could ever be by myself. You can’t leave a legacy as the wood, only as the fire. Thanks for the great post Deb.

  2. Deb Ingino says:

    Alan I love the parallel to a career, true for many of us at one point or another in our life! Thanks for the kudo’s!