Are You In Your Power Seat?

February 17, 2015

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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A number of years ago, automobile manufacturers came out with the technology to “remember” driver settings. As one who lives in a multi-driver household, I personally love the idea that I can get into my vehicle and, with the push of one button, all those power settings go to work and set automatically to the positions that are tailored for me.


These settings give me just the right vantage point to maneuver through New York traffic with relative ease and comfort. If you’ve ever had to drive with the seat too far back or the mirrors not adjusted so you can see, you know that it is neither safe nor comfortable to be in that position.


The same holds true in your work. When you get the settings just right and are working according to your strengths, it gives you great advantages in your efforts to progress. If you are working in an area outside your strengths, it is like having your seat settings and mirrors misaligned – it is certainly not comfortable and, from a career standpoint, it is not safe, either.


“When your settings are aligned with your strengths, your mind is able to focus on results rather than mechanics.”


You are able to drive almost without conscious thought. Your work comes easy to you; it flows smoothly, and you get results quickly. If your environment is tailored to suit you, working long hours will give you energy rather than depleting it. The fact is, your career or business is one of the longest journeys you will take in life; but if you’re working in your strengths in an environment tailored for you, it will be a pleasurable journey.


So if you happen to see me speeding along the city streets with a smile on my face as I whip in and out of traffic, just know that it’s because I’m in my element.


Here’s the question for you, my fellow leaders…are YOU in YOUR element? Are your work settings tailored to your strengths, or are you constantly and consciously having to make adjustments for things that just do not fit? Have you given each member of your team the ability to work within their ideal settings as well?


To get your organization from Point A to Point B, you need drivers who are positioned for success – each equipped with their ideal power settings.


results not mechanics.001


  1. What a great word picture! I can see it now. I’m in my truck, cruising down the road, all my seat, mirrors, steering wheel settings are perfect…. You’re so right, driving is sweet! It’s an image I can strive for in my career, WOW, I think i can go to work now if I get to work in my strengths. Thanks. Today’s going to be a terrific day.

  2. J.J. Gembinski says:

    Great quote! I always like a bit of noise in the background wherever I work. Music will do, as will just about any kind of radio talk show. I actually find complete silence distracting!

    • admindeb says:

      It’s funny JJ many of us are wired for background noise, I am too. There is an app I just downloaded which I’m finding very helpful. It is called Relax Melodies and once you download it swipe to the left and click on the Concentration star for binaural beats. Then put in your headphones and viola, background sound that helps with focus and productivity.