3 Ways Drivers and Detailers Help Each Other

April 7, 2014

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Here’s a question for my fellow D-wired colleagues – the big picture, driven, goal-setting, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer leaders (you know who you are):


Do you ever stop to listen to the detailers on your team?


I know…it seems we speak different languages. We’re extroverted and move fast. They are introverted and analyze. We’re on two different ends of the spectrum. We want it done immediately, and they often say, “Wait, let’s think about this first.”


So…gulp…I’m here to say that maybe once in a while we should consider the advice they have to offer. I came across a pretty amazing story recently that illustrates why we should stop and listen to them occasionally.



News Story


Now, in defense of us Drivers, we are also needed to keep things moving forward and to keep the big picture in focus.


Here are three ways detailers and drivers can complement each other.


1. Detailers save us money. The story above illustrates this well. They look at small things from a whole different perspective. We may overlook the small things that are costing us millions.


On the other hand, the Drivers generate income. Never short on ideas and able to spot opportunities in the distance, we can do as much on the income generating side as the Detailers can do on the savings side. Put those two ideas together, and you have the makings of a very successful partnership.


2. Detailers save us time. If you give a Detailer just a little time to think before requiring action, they will come up with a very efficient plan that gets more done in less time. (Yes, I said that.)


Now we Drivers keep things moving. Without deadlines, Detailers could get stuck in analysis paralysis. The fact is, you need both on your team – the planners and the drivers. If you work together, you end up driving through a very efficient plan and accomplishing more as a team than you ever could as individuals.


3. Detailers save our hides! They are geared toward compliance, quality, and doing things right. We Drivers just want them done. There was once a D-wired communications director who swiftly fired off a communication to thousands within a company – before having it checked by a Detailer. You guessed it – there were major repercussions. A little quality control on the front end saves a ton of remediation on the back end.


In times of crisis, Drivers save lives. But there are times when Detailers are the life savers.


There is value – real, tangible value – in creating a team that includes Drivers AND Detailers. You need BOTH.


Join us tonight for the second in our Ignite Your Leadership Strengths series where we will cover 7 Keys to Creating a Team That Works. It may be free…but the guidelines are of great value to you and your team.


  1. Arlene Rattan says:

    As a C wired person, I appreciate hearing these positive attributes described. Thank you.