What’s the Next Big Thing?

May 31, 2016

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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As business leaders, we must practice the art of consistently asking ourselves, “What’s the next big thing?”

If we wait until the next big thing comes and is common practice, we will find ourselves behind the proverbial eight ball.

How do you know what “the next big thing” will be?

Very simply, you look at the problems of today. The next big things will be the solutions to those problems.

What are today’s problems?

One very big issue companies face is the higher cost of doing business. In addition to the normal costs involved in producing a product or delivering a service, there are increasing regulations and higher rates of taxation. At the same time, employees are growing weary of small percentage pay increases, and many are losing their motivation to do more and perform at a higher level as a result. This leaves business owners in a position of having to manage some very tight margins.

What are the solutions…AKA “The Next Big Things”?

Absolute Efficiency

When was the last time you looked at the process of your organization? Are you operating at absolute efficiency in terms of time and cost? Do you have a solid system for your business operations? Where are the leaks of time and money in your organization? Can your team find the information they need to complete projects in seconds…or is there a mad scramble for information when it is needed? Are your meetings effective and results-focused, or do they waste valuable time? Are your various departments collaborating as a whole or working in silos?

Seek those in your organization who are S- and C-wired. With their strengths of process, efficiency, and analysis, you may be amazed at the efficiencies that can be created.


One of the next big things on the horizon is artificial intelligence. What was once a matter of science fiction is fast becoming the next reality. The “smart office” will grow well beyond smart phones and smart desks. The secret to Steve Jobs’ success was the ability to see the need for smart devices before anyone even knew the need existed. Like it or not, as a business leader, you are likely to face this issue of artificial intelligence and machination somewhere in your organization at some point in the near future. This article lists 100 positions which are likely to be replaced in the future by some type of robotics…and 100 which are considered to be “safe”…at least for now. Depending upon your position within the company, you may be at risk or safe…but either way, you will be affected by this notion of artificial intelligence.

The question is, how will you make the most of it? If you are a forward-looking leader, you will also see the new opportunities that can come as a result of this and build your company with those ideas in mind.

Affordable Training

Artificial intelligence is fascinating, but it also has its limitations. There are things that only a dedicated team of real human beings can accomplish.

But the fact is, your people need training in order to grow in service to your company, and the days of high dollar training programs are gone. Instead, your people are being asked to perform at higher and higher levels, often absorbing other positions, without being trained to do so. This results in lower performance levels, which then causes a spiral-down effect in an organization.

So how do you provide the training your employees need within the confines of a limited training budget? Strength on Demand was developed to address this very need. Strength on Demand is an affordable solution to organizational training needs. It helps you as a leader save time and money by providing a plug-and-play training solution for your organization. In the realm of corporate training and leadership development, this is “the next big thing.” Find out more about this program by clicking here.

Alternative Solutions

Perhaps you are having to cut hours or personnel in order to compensate for new regulations. How do you do that and still manage to get the work done? This is where the virtual world comes into play. There are thousands of talented virtual professionals offering solutions to the very problems you face in your organization. Where in-house talent is over-extended, this may prove to be a viable solution.

In my years as a corporate executive and leader in global business operations, and now as a business owner with strong ties to the virtual world, I would be more than happy to work with you to determine your best resources for getting the job done – whether it be in-house or virtual. It is all about creating a team that meets your needs, and that team is likely to involve a combination of dedicated employees, virtual professionals, highly efficient systems, and automation. Click here to request a consultation regarding your best options for business success.