Video in Business Communications

July 5, 2016

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Video in Business Communications

In any business, communication is key to engagement…and engagement directly affects a company’s bottom line. Therefore, by virtue of the transitive law of mathematics we learned in school and now apply to business, communication is tied to the bottom line.

Employees who feel like they are in the loop and who know the company goals are much more likely to help the company reach those goals.

How do company leaders communicate well?

There is the age-old practice of all-employee and departmental meetings.

  • There is still a place for this, but with employees spread across the nation and across the world, this can be a challenge.
  • It can also be expensive if meeting space must be procured.
  • It can be expensive in terms of employee time invested as well. Think about it – multiply the number of people in any given meeting by their per-hour rate, and multiply that by the length of the meeting. Each meeting could be costing you thousands of dollars.

What can you do to communicate well, but address these issues?

There is a very simple communication tool commonly used in the online business world that could be a great asset to the traditional business world as well. That tool is video.

For less than the cost of one employee to attend one meeting, you could have a simple video system set up to record video updates and then distribute them via email to every employee in your company.

  • This not only saves your time as the leader in the business, but the time of every employee involved.
  • It also gives everyone a very clear and succinct message, allowing them to feel connected to the goals of the company.
  • It allows them to get updates as their schedule permits, rather than interrupting important project time or a client meeting to attend a company meeting.
  • It has the distinct advantage of consistent messaging to everyone and the ability to play back anytime clarification is needed.
  • It allows for more real-time communication, as no advance meeting preparations need to be made. If you need to get an announcement to your people quickly and with a personal connection from you as the leader, video could be your best avenue of communication. And the good news is, it is easier than you might think to begin.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can use video in your business communications and training to strengthen your bottom line, email me at deb@strengthleader.com. Put the words VIDEO IN BUSINESS in the subject line, and I will respond to your particular questions promptly, including the tools and tips I have used to grow my business using video.