The Business Bottom Line: Serving and Solving

April 9, 2024

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The Business Bottom Line: Serving and Solving

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In any business or organization, there are always problems to be solved. In fact, being able to solve a problem or fill a need is the fulcrum from which a business pivots.

If you are looking for a simple business formula for your business, it would be this:

Business = Serving People and Solving Problems

Those who serve – teachers, trades people, consultants, engineers, administrators, manufacturers, service professionals, firefighters, police officers, and so many others – do so because there are needs to fill. And their needs are met by others as well. It is the amazing connection of community, where people are connected by this fulcrum of serving and solving.

How those problems are solved and needs are met is where individuality comes into play. This is where particular strengths can be applied to purpose.

Serving and Solving in Action

Consider an issue in a manufacturing facility. In order to solve the problems and fill the needs of their customers, the company must bring in supplies, manufacture, and then distribute the end products. There is a flow, essentially, from supply chain through fulfillment and distribution. How that flow works is key to customer satisfaction and, ultimately, profit.

This is where the four different types of strengths work together to create the critical flow of business.

The D-wired Drivers

They instinctively see a path forward, and they think in terms of parts.

  • They know how to start.
  • They know the next step.
  • They move people to action.
  • They solve a problem swiftly.

As such, they have the gift of pushing forward an initiative, product, or action, through obstacles and challenges.

The I-wired Influencers

They are the masters of influence and ideas, and they think in terms of people.

  • How can we help more people?
  • How can we create a great experience for people?
  • How can we get more people involved?
  • How will this affect people?

As such, they have the gift of pulling people into the flow of a business or initiative and creating energy around new ideas.

The S-wired Systemizers

They are the team players, and they think in terms of processes.

  • They quickly connect the dots from beginning to end.
  • They sense issues and collaborate to create solutions.
  • They create efficiencies through systems.

As such, they have the gift of proficiency, which allows a business to grow and scale with profitability.

The C-wired Catalysts

They are the analysts, and they think in terms of procedure.

  • They can easily identify issues.
  • They research and determine the best solution.
  • They create a procedure to resolve the issue and document it.

As such, they have the gift of problem solving, using best practices to ensure quality and reliability.

The Results

A leader who cultivates a well-rounded team that includes each area of strengths creates a company that is well-equipped to Serve People and Solve Problems.

Action Steps

  1. Consider your current team.
  2. Who do you have in each of the four strengths categories?
  3. How do they each bring value to the organization?
  4. Are there any gap areas to be filled?

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Deb Ingino is a highly sought-after executive coach, mentor, consultant, and speaker worldwide. Deb is well versed in business operations and in the importance of asking key questions most business leaders won’t ask themselves. She brings deep experience in leadership development, strategy, high performance team building and effective communication. She has a passion for leading people to discover and maximize their strengths as well as those of fellow team members, while offering advanced strategies to achieve high performance. Deb is the perfect fit if you’re ready to take your leadership and impact to the next level!