RESULTS Checklist for Business Leaders

November 3, 2015

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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Anyone who owns or leads a business knows there is one key to success that rises above all others, and that is production of results that are in alignment with the mission of the company.

It doesn’t matter how many meetings you attend, miles you travel, phone calls you take, or emails you answer in any given day. It doesn’t even matter how many hours you work a day…if you don’t get RESULTS that serve your customers.

We live in a world of more distractions than ever. We are bombarded with input from every conceivable channel. Whereas our work used to come to us via in-person contact or a physical inbox, it now arrives from those channels plus email, phone calls, text messages, social media, websites, and on the numerous electronic devices we have on our desks and in our hands – and in every place we go. Add to that the onslaught of information we are expected to assimilate on a continual basis just to stay on top of our game, and you begin to realize the tools that are meant to help us be productive can actually kill productivity.

How do you succeed in a world of such distraction?

You train yourself and your team to FOCUS on RESULTS.

First, you must define the results you want to achieve. You must set goals. There is great wisdom in the old adage to “begin with the end in mind.”

Second, you must ask yourself one thing continually throughout the day: Is what I’m doing right now in alignment with the results I want to achieve? If not, adjust course accordingly.

Run through this RESULTS checklist in your mind several times a day.

Ask yourself if what you are doing right now is tied to…


Is what you’re doing right now tied to the company’s bottom line? When it comes to priorities, revenue-producing activities are at the top of the list. It doesn’t matter how great your presentation is if the company revenue is tanking. Focus on the bottom line.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners know that “the list is gold.” Successful sales and marketing professionals know their best ally is a strong contact list. CEO’s know that key partnerships and connections are essential.


This is about solving problems, but not just any problems. It’s about solve the RIGHT problems. Don’t waste your time trying to fix something outside your strengths zone that is not tied to the results you need to achieve. This is to all you CEO’s who have spent an entire day trying to format a complex Word document. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Useful Tools and Systems

There are times when effort must be applied to incorporating and developing the infrastructure of your business. Though this does not contribute to immediate revenue or engagement, it does lay the groundwork for efficient delivery. And efficient delivery has a major impact on results.


As a leader, you must be a continual learner. In the information age in which we live, you must also be a targeted learner. You cannot be an expert in everything, but you can be an expert in the area of your strengths and engage with others who are experts in theirs.

Team Development

As a leader, your best tool for success is a strong team. Your greatest achievements come, not from doing the work in the business, but from building the team that does the work…better and faster than you could on your own.


Here’s the bottom line. Is what you’re doing right now serving your customer well? Business at its core is about seeing a need and filling it. Are you doing that, and doing it well? If the answer to that is a resounding, “Yes!” it is a great indicator of a strong business. In a world of technology, speed, and more than its share of distractions, outstanding customer service based on serving client needs is still the most important part of your business.


Are you RESULTS focused? Have you trained your team to be RESULTS focused as well? Bring your team, and join us for the next Ignite Your Leadership Strengths (complimentary) webinar to learn more and be inspired to get real RESULTS in your business.