Rags to Riches with a Twist

December 19, 2023

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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Rags to Riches with a Twist

Image Credit: Depositphotos

In previous articles, we have talked about planning well and finishing well. As the quarter-end and year-end draw near, it is time to focus on two other aspects: giving well and preparing well.

This article will focus on giving.

It was the proverbial rags to riches story – with a twist.

He started out working in the mines, in both an era and area where poverty held a generational death grip.

Fiercely determined, he worked hard and eventually moved into a construction job, where he diligently learned all he could about the work and the business. When the owner of the company passed away, he purchased the company. He went on to grow the company into a multi-million-dollar real estate empire. It was truly a rags-to-riches story.

And here’s the twist: He spent his life giving it away.

Yes, he enjoyed the fruit of his labor. And he took care of his family. But he lived by relatively modest means. The more he built, the more he realized he could give, and so he did. Strategically and with a clear mission, he funded organizations and hard-working individuals who served others.

He never forgot where he came from, and he was always thankful for the providence he had received along the way.

As he neared the end of his long life, his goal was to finish his race by giving it all away. And so, he did. He gave, and he spent his final years advising and admonishing individuals and organizations about business and life. He passed away in a modest setting with his family by his side, and a legacy that spanned the world.

Those who lead ultimately come to the realization that the goal is not accumulation and accolades; they only go so far. They are rewarding but not ultimately fulfilling.

What is fulfilling is purpose; and purpose comes from giving your time, talents, and treasures.

This is the pinnacle of leadership.

Action Steps

  1. Ask yourself a hard question: Are you working and leading with purpose, or do your efforts feel empty and purposeless?
  2. Are you giving of your time, talents, and treasures?
  3. Do you have a framework for giving that allows you to grow your business while still enjoying the fruits of your labor?
  4. How can you give in the coming season in a way that will serve your friends, family, community, and the world in ways that are congruent with your values?
  5. What one act of giving will you do this week, and how will it make a difference?


For resources on finding your strengths, maximizing your impact, and growing yourself and your business, click here. Helping you lead in your strengths and with purpose is our mission.

Deb Ingino is a highly sought-after executive coach, mentor, consultant, and speaker worldwide. Deb is well versed in business operations and in the importance of asking key questions most business leaders won’t ask themselves. She brings deep experience in leadership development, strategy, high performance team building and effective communication. She has a passion for leading people to discover and maximize their strengths as well as those of fellow team members, while offering advanced strategies to achieve high performance. Deb is the perfect fit if you’re ready to take your leadership and impact to the next level!