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May 7, 2012

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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Whether  you are an employee, an independent contractor or an entrepreneur we influence those around us with our connection and our actions and one of the most important groups we can influence is our youth.   Growing up has always been problematic.  Each generation suffers from their own challenges and obstacles and for our up and coming leaders of tomorrow it is no different.


Last year John C. Maxwell, one of my mentors, asked each of his certified coaches and speakers to volunteer for one week in May to serve by sharing 4 important leadership lessons.  Frankly, I thought it was a great idea!  Teens today are our future leaders and providing them with a solid leadership foundation is important to our world.  While I’m serving in person sharing John’s lessons, there is an online Youth Summit that I have created so that everyone in the Strength Leader Community can have their teens ages 14-17 participate as well.


This Thursday night May 10th at 8pm EDT we kick it off here’s what your teen can expect.


Self ImageKary Oberbrunner Author of Your Secret Name will share with us his ideas on how teens can reframe their self image.


Stand Up And Be Counted Lisa Schaefer is teacher and counselor with over 20 years experience.  She has trained over 35 Wisconsin Middle Schools in the Stand Up to Bullying Assertiveness Training and has help student groups create social marketing plans to implement in their school.


Personal Character – Holly Eisenhut who as a senior in High School and just 18 years old is going to share peer to peer on this important subject.  She has a magnetic personality and wisdom far beyond her years and her message is one that the teens will connect with.


Failing Forward To Success – My friend Trudy Menke gets it!  She knows what its like to fail and to succeed and she will round out our teaching by sharing strategies to help our youth to reframe failure.  This is a message all of us can use over and over again!


And yours truly will host the event and will provide access to an online Strengths Assessment for teens for each of the participants.


Here’s the link , pass it on to your teens and remind them 10 minutes before our start time on Thursday night

Online Youth Leadership Summit May 10th 8pm EDT/7pm CDT


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