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August 11, 2015

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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This is second in a series on how your personality can work for you – or against you – in business. The series is based on the DISC profile assessment, which defines us in some combination of D (Direct), I (Social), S (Systematic), and C (Detailed). DISC profiles are a valuable tool, and I urge you to click here to learn more about how it can help you and your team get the best results possible in your business.

As you visit the more creative, customer-oriented areas of a business (sales and marketing, for example), you will find a greater concentration of “I-wired” personalities. “I’s” are naturally gifted with strengths for creating ideas and connecting with people. “I-wired” executives are easy to spot, because they are the first to welcome you with a warm handshake, and chances are they will be wearing something that stands out from the standard business suit…colorful socks or tie, for example, or brightly colored jewelry.

If you are “I-wired”, you must work in an environment that is not too constrictive and gives you plenty of contact with people.

“I-wired” people can draw a crowd and get people excited. If your company is stagnant, you need to inject some “I-wiring” to bring it back to life with fresh ideas. If your team looks like death warmed over, you may need the inspiration and excitement of an “I-wired” team member.

These are the strengths.

Now the downside to being an “I” is that your creativity and connectivity can go into overdrive, leaving a wake of unfinished projects and neglected people behind. As an “I-wired” leader, you will need a very organized assistant to keep you on track and systems that keep you accountable. Without these, you could lose the trust of the very people who give you the passion for doing what you do. Follow-up will be a challenge for you, so ensure you have a system in place that nurtures your leads and customers.

If you are an “I-D”, you have likely had the experience of overwhelming your team with unstructured ideas and then found yourself frustrated when those ideas did not bring results. Your best approach would be to partner with a “C-wired” person who can offer some grounding and help structure your ideas into tangible goals.

If you are an “I-S”, you will be extremely well-liked (and likely a trusted advisor), but you may lack motivation to get things done. You need to make yourself accountable to a “D-I-wired” person who can keep you motivated and on track. And use your desire to please people as a motivator to get things done on time for them.

If you are an “I-C”, you likely feel guilty much of the time, simply because your ideas and perfection are both in high gear. You have a million ideas that you feel must be carried out perfectly, and so none are ever completed. If this is you, you will need to capture all your ideas (get them out of your head), but force yourself to work on one at a time, with a clear deadline defined.

To learn more about using your strengths to create a path to success for you and your team, click here or contact me. Helping you succeed in your strengths is my absolute passion!