Four On The Fourth

July 4, 2013

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Four things to celebrate this Fourth of July:



It’s what the holiday is all about, right? We are blessed in this country to have the freedom to do things people in other countries never get the chance to do. Let’s never take that freedom for granted. Never miss the opportunity to travel and explore – we can cross state lines without a passport. Never miss the opportunity to express your freedom of speech – use that speech to help others grow, to encourage, and to guide others. Embrace the opportunity to express your freedom of creativity and free enterprise. We face a lot of challenges this fourth of July, but I still believe the American spirit can overcome many obstacles if we just pool our strengths and work together.



We talked about values in our last Leadership Insight Show. This holiday, think about the things you value most. Write down those values, and make them your creed. They will serve you well. Set your foundation and build on it. Just as our country was built on the framework of the Constitution, we need our own personal constitution. Have you written yours?



You all know how much my family means to me. I am thankful for my extended family – and I do mean extended, because there are a lot of us! And I am thankful for my wonderful husband and daughter who mean the world to me. Take time this holiday to think about those you love. And then take a little time to let them know it.



Be sure you take some time to enjoy time with your loved ones…in a way that will resonate with them. Maybe that means you give someone the gift of time – and just listen to grandpa tell the stories of life back in his day. Maybe it means you slide down the slide and jump in the pool with the kids, or ride around the block on a Harley with your nephew.  “Leave your world, and enter theirs” (Dr. Marlene Evans) is pretty wise advice. You and they will never forget the experience.


Make it a great – and meaningful – Fourth of July!


  1. arch1960 says:

    Hey buddy, thanks for taking the time to write this post, and send to us out here in good ole USA (and probably other countries as well I’m sure!).

    From my family, Gloria, Austin, Adam, and yours truly, we wish you and your family a VERY HAPPY Independence Day!

    Rocking our strengths and passions, on the 4th!