Did You Just Show Up?

December 26, 2011

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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Some days it seems like people are just going through the motions. 
Oh sure their body showed up but their mind and their attention are elsewhere.  We all have days like that.
I don’t know about you but if I ever need cardiac surgery or worse brain surgery I hope the surgeon is not having one of those days.  I hope my doctor is there, fully present and eager to see a ‘satisfied client’ on the other end of our time together.
On the days when we are just going to show up,  maybe we need to evaluate why we can’t be fully present.  Here are a couple of common reasons:
1)  Overloaded – We all need time to recharge and if we run on an empty tank too long we’ll stop.  So if  you feel like  you might be overloaded, what can you do to recharge?  Is it being with people, playing sports, nature, reading, what is it for you?  Whatever it is, get to it.
2)  Distracted – When we have too much on our mind, it is so easy to become distracted.  We all have distractions.  They could be relationships, finances, feelings of self -doubt and more.  Finding what works best for each of us to stay focused or on plan is key. For me, I have the 3 things I need to do that day with me so when I feel distracted, I review my 3 and tell myself I can move into a distraction as soon as these 3 are done.
3)  Is it in your strengths zone. – The fact is we’re not distracted from things we love to do, so if you find yourself distracted from work you have chosen, then perhaps it is time to chose again.  Find work that suits your strengths and provides you with a feeling of satisfaction.  When you are engaged in work that you love, you have to be pulled away from it.  Literally.   It energizes  you and gets you excited about jumping out of bed in the morning to get to the very thing you love to do.
So next time you find yourself heading to just show up, review which of these 3 causes is the issue and set out to resolve it quickly.  Move into the work that is the most satisfying and you’ll never just show up again.




  1. Reason #2 is something I have had trouble in the past. I would think about work when I was at home and think about home when I was at work. The result was unhappiness no matter where I was and productivity low enough to make your head spin. It is a training issue; you must train yourself to be present. It takes focus and practice in the beginning, but it gets easier. The better you get, the happier and more relaxed you feel. It is a great skill to develop

    • admindeb says:

      We’ve all had those distracted ays.. a few too many and it’s time to find work we are so engaged with that distractions don’t exist.

      What have you found to be most successful for you to overcome it Alan?