C’s in Business

August 25, 2015

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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This is fourth in a series on how your personality can work for you – or against you – in business. The series is based on the DISC profile assessment, which defines us in some combination of D (Direct), I (Social), S (Systematic), and C (Detailed). DISC profiles are a valuable tool, and I urge you to click here to learn more about how it can help you and your team get the best results possible in your business.


In the business world, “C’s” represent one word more than any other: quality. You will find “C’s” in diverse areas such as quality control, accounting, programming, engineering, and design. Their attention to detail can make the difference between a successful product rollout and a recall, or a computer program that works and one that crashes and burns. In fact, were it not for a team dominated by “C-wired” personalities, it is highly unlikely that man would have made it to the moon.

“C’s” are the “still waters run deep” thinkers among us, and their gifts are essential to any business. If you visit a department in a company with a high level of “C-wired” employees, you will observe that it is very quiet. They will sit very still, concentrating intently, for hours – with the sound of mouse clicks being the only sign of life to the outside observer.

Do not mistake this stillness for lack of productivity. In time, they will emerge with an ingenious solution or a work of art.

“C’s” serve and protect the company’s bottom line by virtue of analysis, solutions creation, organization, and quality control.

These are the strengths.

Now the downside to being a “C” can be summed up in two words: perfection and people. Striving for perfection is a wonderful thing, but there comes a point where you may have to call it “good enough” in order to get things done. “C’s” are prone to analysis paralysis as a result of this desire for perfection. This leads to the second issue for “C’s”, which is people…and since people are not perfect, it is hard for “C’s” to deal with them. By nature, “C-wired” individuals are much more task focused than people focused. As a “C”, you must consciously work on your people skills and on realizing that your “good enough” is “excellent quality” to anyone else. Strive for excellence, not perfection. And take time for people. These two simple steps will add an incredible facet to your otherwise amazing personality.

If you are a “C-D”, you may come across as controlling and demanding. You may be viewed as a micromanager by your subordinates, and they may secretly resent your approach to leadership. In that scenario, trust and loyalty become a core issue. To remedy, partner with an “S-wired” person who can help you keep things moving beyond the mire of perfection and smooth the way for you as you work with a team. If they sense you are being harsh to a team member, you would do well to heed their intuition.

If you are a “C-I”, you are a very likely feeling overwhelmed by ideas and perfection. You may have a thousand great ideas and feel that every single one must be executed flawlessly. As a result, none are executed. You may find yourself in a constant spiral of ideas and research. Find a “D-wired” advisor who can pull you out of the spiral, cut to the chase, and help you decide on one idea at a time to execute, not with perfection, but with excellence.

If you are a “C-S”, you have a gift for getting things done and done well…as long as you do not allow the details of the process to overwhelm you. Keep three words in mind as you create a process: keep it simple. Apply the rule of three wherever possible…three steps, three projects at a time, three areas of focus. And do those three things with excellence.

To learn more about using your strengths to create a path to success for you and your team, click here or contact me. Helping you succeed in your strengths is my absolute passion!