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April 24, 2012

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Your Dream Team
  When a new President takes office, one of the first things he does is establish his Presidential cabinet.  When someone starts a company, they form a management team and a Board of Directors.  When a project manager takes on a complex project, he or she will immediately begin to identify the components and then identify the experts for each area.
Here’s the thing…in all of these instances, the leader is smart enough to know that he or she cannot do it all.  In order to accomplish something really great, we all need a team we can rely upon.
I like to think of this group as my “dream team”. 
 As I see it, the key to accomplishing a dream and maintaining balance in life can be summed up in the chart above.  If you have these folks in your life, things will flow well.  You will have a well-rounded game plan with the support you need to make it happen.  So think for a bit.  Take time to identify those in your life who fulfill each role.  Write down the names – you will be surprised at how important people are in your life.
 Teachers – We are all students.  Even if we’ve been out of school for 50 years, we are still students.  We need those in our lives who can teach us and guide us into new arenas, those who stretch our minds to think beyond what we already know.  Every person knows something we don’t – a wise leader will be a continual learner.
 Encouragers – We often call these folks friends.  They are those who stand by us and encourage our ideas and dreams.  They will be honest with us because they know us, but they will encourage us in our efforts.  Let’s face it; EVERYONE needs encouragement now and then.
 Allies – These are those who walk through life with you.  This would be your spouse, your family, those who work in the trenches with you day by day.  These are the folks who strategize life with you, fight the battles, and share the victories.  Without these allies, defeat is certain.  I don’t know about you, but I am incredibly thankful for these comrades in the trenches of life.
 Mentees – This is one area that is often dismissed.  But it is critical.  You see, we all need to share with others what we have learned in life.  Have you ever wondered why the Dead Sea is dead?  It’s because the waters flow in, but they can’t flow out.  This is what happens if we only “take” in life.
 In essence, life is a cycle.  We learn from our teachers, find encouragement from our friends, fight with our allies to make it happen, and guide those who follow.  And in doing so, we then become the teachers who make up someone else’s circle.


So, go for it.  Form your dream team.
As you do, know that somewhere down the line,
you will become part of someone else’s.
And that is a pretty amazing thought.



Form Your Team, Live Your Dream
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  2. Marthagisela says:

    Excellent article!

    • admindeb says:

      Thanks Martha!
      WE all need to have a dream team and be part of someone else’s.

  3. I love this post. I have been asked to provide a couple of hours of training to a leadership team at an elementary school by the new principal. The school has been totally restructured and most of the teachers on the leadership team are new on the team (but not necessarily new teachers). What do you you think are some key concepts I should be sure to talk about? By the way, the principal has already asked me to present on the DISC so that will be my primary focus but I want to add a lot of value by expanding that a bit.

    • admindeb says:

      Hi Lynne
      That is exciting!

      First, so glad that you’ll be working with them on DISC styles, that will be a great foundation for your program. Next, on the leadership piece, here are a few messages that may be really helpful after a restructure…

      6 Keys To Becoming A Relational Leader

      The Key To Extraordinary

      You’ll find both PDF’s and replays right here in the Leadership Library


      Some of the concepts in both would dovetail well with your DISC content and serve a restructured environment really well!

      So excited for you Lynne!