A Business Trip to Nowhere

January 6, 2015

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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Imagine for a moment that you are a business leader going on a trip. Your bags are packed, the cab is ready to take you to the airport, and as you stand at the door, someone asks, “Where are you going?”


You answer, “I don’t know.”


“Do you have a plane ticket?” they ask.


“No,” you reply.


“So you’re going on a business trip with no ticket, no idea where you’re going, no purpose, and no plan?”




“Well, then, that’s exactly where you will go in your business…nowhere.”


No one I know has ever done this when it comes to travel. And yet, every day, people do this when it comes to the journey through life. Even so-called “leaders” are guilty of this. They start a new year with no vision. They wake up in the morning with no plan. And if they do not change, they will end life having gone “nowhere.”


Is this really what you want?


Here’s how to ensure you don’t embark on a business trip to nowhere.


Get clear on your vision.

Begin with the end in mind is, indeed, wise advice. If you have a clear vision as to where you’re going, then every decision you make along the way becomes very clear as well. You will know what to pack. You will know when to leave. You will know where you are going, and you will know when you have reached the destination. It provides a clear decision-making filter through which you can test opportunities. Let’s face it, in a year’s time, you will be faced with more opportunities than your schedule can possibly accommodate. With clear vision, you will know which opportunities to say “yes” to – those which will carry you closer to your vision; and just as importantly which opportunities to say “no” to – those which would pull you in a different direction.


Get committed to your vision.

When you want to travel to a specific destination at a specific time, the next step you take is commitment – you buy the ticket. With clear vision comes commitment. And that form of commitment – where you take action – is a strong indicator that your vision will become reality.


Get equipped for your vision.

If you are facing a decision as to what you need in your business this year – tools, teams, and other resources – this decision becomes much easier if you are clear on your vision. You simply need to ask yourself what tools, team members, and resources best equip you to do the work that will create the vision. There are many shiny objects out there for consideration. As a business leader, you are always looking at the bottom line – how to keep your ideal clients, how to add more ideal clients, and how to save costs along the way. Clear vision is a filter that will save you time and money.


As you start this year, ask yourself, “Is my vision clear?”


In fact, do more than ask yourself this question. Write it down in vivid detail. Where do you see yourself personally and professionally at the end of the year?


And then if you are serious about making that vision a reality, I invite you to join our exclusive 2015 Inner Circle for Leaders, where we will provide tools to help you along the way, accountability to keep you committed to the vision, and encouragement to refill your leadership cup as you give to those you serve.


I hope you’ll join us in the Inner Circle…and I hope even more that you will make this the year you start with a very clear vision.