September 25, 2011

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

Meet Deb

As I write this I’m enjoying a flight from New York to Denver to speak the Free Agent Academy‘s Accelerator Event.  I love contributing to leaders and I find the environment around entrepreneurs to be exciting!

And so I’m flying.


Airplane travel was once a glamorous, special activity; today unless you’re flying in a private plane it’s more kin to the running of the bulls.


We rush through checkin.


We rush to get through security, juggling shoes, laptops, cell phones, oh and don’t forget your boarding pass.


We eye the shortest line to buy food for the flight because chips and nuts can only go so far.


Then we wait.


We stand at the gate like a sprinter eagerly waiting for the starting gun to sound so we can rush onto the plane and yes you guessed it, wait some more.


Now depending on how someone is wired, their approach under this type of stress varies, but leaders find a way to step up and moving around their natural tendencies in order to serve the need that the moment brings.


I’m not saying that as leaders we are always successful.  We regularly fail at it but we will find that the more we do it, our success rate rises.


So leaders, navigate through, around, tunnel underneath or mine the obstacle at hand into an opportunity.


Think that’s not possible?


Look around you my friend, there are leaders doing this day in and day out with great results.  Need some examples?  Just ask I’m happy to share!